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TBL on web equality

linky for those with web access

when i read this i thought of one of ours who had to use snailmail to confirm he was, sort of, ok and coping

when i lived in troll towers my phone and internet connection was vital for a few folk to be able to access services, buy niche books etc

if i was without web i would adapt ,rather badly, in days

One will need to address the problem of those who, like my mother-in-law, has no longer the ability to use the internet. (And there will be those who could never cope.) She is regularly infuriated by businesses whose call answerers tell her "You can do all this on our website." Such people must not be forgotten!


there are some things i will not do online, banking for one, i use voice recognition for those,

as the gov have my VP, heartbeat pattern*, snaps, prints and dna and i dont want to add my recent facial or iris to that if i do not need to

*yep a black helicopter can have some awesome ears Wink
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