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Text language

I feel embarassingly ignorant! Embarassed
Only got on to internet last october, and having been here in Italy for so long, while i'm quite good at Italian text abbreviations, I'm hopeless at English ones! Crying or Very sad
Can anyone please translate the ones most commonly used on downsizer for me? Or tell me if there's some sort of dictionary?!!
I feel I'm missing out!! BTW is about as far as I go Embarassed

Don't think we are too bad here on text speak.

But here are a few:

rofl - rolls on floor laughting
lmao - laughs my arse off
tia - thanks in advance
btw - by the way
imho - in my humble opinion
afaik - as far as i knowoh - other half

This may also help:

Thank you both !
You're right Jema, there aren't many on downsizer, but being a nosey so-and-so it was annoying me when I came across one and didn't know what it meant! Confused

If all else fails - make it up - the oldies will think your on the ball and the younger ones will think they have missed something.... Laughing

Laughing Laughing Laughing
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