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Textbook sea bass

I know there are bass about on my local beaches as I've caught a couple but they normally just leap about while ignoring whatever I chuck in.

Although the weather wasn't great today, with a stiff onshore wind, I wanted to try a few new lures out along with my recently acquired light (1 - 2oz) spinning rod and reel so I set off for low tide.

Books say bass like churned up water, especially after stormy weather which we've had recently. They also apparently swim very close in shore and hungrily venture in just as the tide turns and starts flooding in. I know this but still wasn't overly convinced.

However, after a couple of casts into the 2 foot breakers with a cheap 22g silver storm lure I hooked something a little different to the usual seaweed. Yep, after some gentle reeling in my first bass on my new rod - a fine 2lb 14oz and a lengthy 50+ cm long. Perhaps they read the books after all. Laughing That's a few dinners sorted.


Nice looking fish.

How are you going to cook it?
Sally Too

How satisfying... I'm sure it will taste delicious!
Nicky Colour it green

excellent Smile

It's a better looking and much fatter fish that the one I ate earlier in the year, that was a bit thin and I'm hoping late summer/autumn bass will be a bit tastier.

I've cut it into a few chunky stakes, a couple for the freezer and one I'll bake/bbq in a parcel with fennel for dinner.

Northern Boy


Maybe you should try bait next time rather than spinners. This may be a bit extreme though.

Thankfully the stomach was empty; you're advised to check to see what they've been eating so you know what bait to use next time.

Re: Textbook sea bass

They also apparently swim very close in shore and hungrily venture in just as the tide turns and starts flooding in.

That's definitely true. I've seen bass swimming round my legs in water that wasn't up to my knees at Northam Burrows.
woody guthrie

Lovely fish, never caught one using lures but seen others pulling them out of shallow breakers on the west of Ireland storm beaches. I have had a few on lugworm and peeler crab and I am definitely going shore fishing as soon as the trout season finishes in October.

My first ever bass 2010.

Another fine looking fish! How late do you normally fish for bass, I thought they tend to move off shore at the end of October?

Not much luck today, just a foul hooked lesser-weaver (which is the first live weaver fish I've ever seen so worth the trip along with a few foraged bit's of lost tackle).

I did notice someone else turn up and catch one in a few minutes on the rocks near me though, so still much to learn.

I need to find a way of reliably fishing just over the weeds in a couple of foot or water, as that's where the bass are, but without losing my tackle.

I did try a 'popping' lure today, which does float ok, but after half an hour the only thing it seemed to attract was a seal! Shocked I didn't think it likely at first but it swam away when I stopped using it and immediately appeared near me when I started again. Rolling Eyes Laughing
woody guthrie

The bass are still around even in the depths of winter here on the West coast of Ireland, maybe something to do with the warmer water from the gulf stream. Not as plentiful as the spring and summer but a great bonus when you are fishing for cod and whiting and you get a big thump from a bass on a cold winters night.

They're back, first trip of the year and I managed a nice 3lb / 53cm male.

I was quite pleased as I used my new bass rod and although the sea was quite rough a simple light (10lb) line and a 2oz bullet lead worked very well. Bait was a peeler crab and opening up the bass's stomach it contained bits of other crabs inside so that confirms what our local ones nosh down on at this time of year.

nice fish ,checking stomach contents is a good tactic,for instance large trout in a small river mostly eat small trout which mostly eat drowning terrestrials and snails.

re the fishing just over weeds and rocks

a sliding float with a depth stop on the line and enough lift to support either weight n bait (a single short beam paternoster with a short weight line and 60 cm trace seems ok )or heavy spinner on the end for active fishing
a water weighted bubble float (bottles can be used depending on circumstances and style , a short stout section of bamboo works rather well for long casting) and a trace with a small split shot to sink the bait.

the first is best for more than a metre of water over the weeds the second rig tends to tangle if using a long trace but is ideal shallow depth over the weeds at a distance by rod or throwing or sailing the thing where it should go .

Had my first ever bass 2 weeks ago.3.5lb 50 cm I don't know if someone could post a pic for me if I email it to them could they? Only have access off my phone. Anyway went down to Chesil 5pm cought it and was eating it at 11. Off for some cod tomorrow see what we get. Cought on rag tipped with squid on a pulley pennel rig and was doubled hooked managed to cut my mate but was all good
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