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Thai green curry jerky

At last we have made up our next flavour of jerky, Thai green curry, I believe it was nicks suggestion way back when I asked.
We are looking for half a dozen taster for feedback so if anyone wants to volunteer drop me a PM.
We will send out a couple of our other flavours with them as a thank you.
Let us knkw if you want
spicy (Jamaican jerk and 5 chilli)
best of British (worstershire sauce and marmite)
taste of Asia ( Chinese and bourbon teriyaki)or
basics ( original and garlic)
PM me address and flavours and I will post them out next week.
We are looking for people's (constructive) criticisms or opinions.
Vegi can apply to as we will be making the mushroom munchies this week to.

Excellent. Yes, I made it. It's something that works very well. The flavours carry through.

Hope yours is delicious.

Although it's supposed to be a hot curry we have toned it down to a lower heat, we already have a successful jamacain jerk, 5 chilli and sinfully spicy flavours in the hotish range so we wanted something flavorful but not to hot.
I have an opinion on it and so does my wife and they are not exactly alike which is why we are looking for a few more opinions

Parcels sent, a little delayed but they went today so hopefully you will get them tomorrow or Thursday.
Many thanks

The jerky has landed. Further reports to follow.

Very nice. Tastes all beefy and then the spices sneak up on you.
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