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thanks for the shopping advice folks my shed roof is covered

the car boot advice was very sound ,i got 2 +1 tomatoes at a quid each,a grafted cucumber which looks very strong for 1.50 and a rather nice black chilli for a pound

when i went to town to look for a couple of courgette/marrows (failed, so got seed to start my own) the various plants i saw were small,sick and at least twice the price.

the only town bargain was a bag of fifty onion sets for 99p which are planted at 5cm centres so half can go as thinnings in stir frys and i get half as biggish ones with tops for stews a bit later.

i still have a bit of wall space so i will look out for a couple of climbing beans and a a few window sills 3 of which are sunny and 2 are shady .those need careful thought .
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