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the archers

chookmobile in a caravan,mob stocked moos Shocked

i think they have been looking over our shoulders Laughing

or somebody has been reading joel salatin's books .

Has anyone on DS been stabbed? !!!!!!
It's all a bit fraught for me at the moment.
Someone I care about is going through a similar situation to Helen & being controlled, coerced & mentally tortured by a very small man.

I've avoided the series once I twigged what was up....having been through 21 years of insidious mental cruelty and escaped thanks to the kids, it is just damned uncomfortable listening.
wellington womble

I really, really feel for any Archers' fans that this struck a nerve for. I've no history of abuse at all, and I find it so uncomfortable I stopped listening months ago. There's something very distasteful about listening to someone's personality being eroded like that. I think it's worse because it can be done in real time,and because it's just voice.

Apparently, smarmy Rob has a dangerous infection. I hoping he snuffs it, just so I can go back to listening to a little bit of rural life. I love the way no one has a proper job.

Attention : farming is not a proper job.
wellington womble

Stop stirring!

Not in the way I meant it. As in a boss, fixed working hours and performance reviews.

I was a listener from the age of 8 and stopped when they introduced dog fighting-awful when I didn't want to hear about what I know goes on, but I don't think it needed any help to get recognition, as it may help others start with their dogs, and so I stopped. And never heard an episode since. Wrong attitude on my part-perhaps, but that is how I am.

i wasnt thinking of the soapy side of it but did notice that they were covering mob stocking and mobile free range chooks ,both work well but the latter is rough on the rare wildlife which they find delicious.

i dont follow it often but do find the farming coverage educational when i happen to catch an episode.
wellington womble

Yes, they have hippy Adam to do all the green stuff now. Sadly, the odious Rob remains alive and is back on air.

I don't like the way they are dressing up 'no till' arable as a greener way of growing.
'No till' in the sense I know it requires large amounts of herbicide, usually glyphosate.
Not green at all.

That is right, Tavascarow. As far as I can see the Archers no longer serves the purpose for which it was set up, to educate farmers into being able to produce as much as possible to avoid the food supply problems of the war. The funniest thing that I heard happened was to a farmer in Shropshire, refusing to plough a field. A suitable inspector was sent with threats and a map, the farmer showed him the site-a near sheer drop unwalkable without ropes, but the country is all flat and green to a man in Whitehall.
'No till' is not green as they say. I am not against sprays, but only when needed. I would try to introduce predators for pests, but for fungal diseases then sprays seem to be the only cure; if after you have created the right conditions to avoid the problem you still get a disease then if it is for your economic survival there is not a lot of choice.
wellington womble

Are we still having war-related food supply problems? Because if not, nobody really needs educating about them.

What I suspect we are having is consumer-related buy-cheap-foreign-import problems because people choose food entirely on price. Which means the public need educating on pressures for farmers and general farming issues in this country. I think the Archers does that fairly well, given that it is still entertainment (well, apart from the odious Rob) and not a report.

No the Archers agenda has changed from a radio serial for the those working the countryside to a PR broadcast promoting the countryside.
"Food production is safe in our hands. Worry ye not you silly townies" IMHO.
In truth the countryside has become an outdoor factory & there are serious environmental consequences to the way food is being raised & grown.
It's good that things like pastured eggs & mob stocked beef are being mentioned but in other ways it's just a mouthpiece for big ag.
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