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The BPA Bloodline Survey.

I remember a time when there used to be some pig keepers on DS but sadly, they seem to have wandered off but this still maybe of interest to some.
The BPA Bloodline Survey results for 2015 have recently come out.

I've only just gone into keeping Large Blacks and as well as being really nice pigs, they're also the rarest of the traditional UK breeds.
I keep a gilt of the 'Blackie' line and as you can see, they're a bit thin on the ground.

The main breed that I keep is the Gloucestershire Old Spot. I have two lines from this breed, the Princess and Josephine line. Numerically, the GOS finds itself in a much healthier position than the LB and having always been a supporter of the underdog, I'm hoping that in the future to be in a position to be able to build up my numbers of the latter.

sadly i suspect many pig keepers have ceased keeping them as well as a few wandering off .

large black are a nice breed,steady and easy to please ,not as funny as gos who are proper comedians .i did not know they were the rarest sort,perhaps the slow growth has made them uneconomic even in the rare breeds community.

they do make good bacon , the fitches are long which reduces the amount of fiddling about per kilo of product as well as giving a long eye and good set of streaky rashers.

GOS numbers have dropped by a third. Shocked

haven't heard from Stonehead for a while...didn't he have Black Pigs?

A day with Bodger anyone ? Oh no !!!!!! Shocked Shocked Shocked

This evening I've booked in for a place on this.

Wales & Border Counties Pig Breeders Association
Sunday 28th February 2016 – Pig Keepers Education Day

For all pig keepers, new and experienced.


Meet at Leysters Village Hall HR6 OHP, 10.30 for 11am

Followed by discussion & questions

TWO-COURSE LUNCH in Village Hall, then

Ending about 3.30pm

Please wear CLEAN footwear suitable for a farm walk
Cost for the day, including lunch and refreshments –
Members of W&BC PBA £10,
Non-members £25 (includes a year’s subscription to W&BC PBA)

Places must be booked in advance –
Dave Lang 01597 860211 / Chris Bemand 01568 750461
(To book and/or for more details)

The day includes: –
Introduction to pig keeping, regulations, health & safety,
breeding, AI, showing, tattooing, notching, and more

On the Saturday I'm going to Kingsholme to watch Gloucester RFC play Newcastle Falcons. I'm looking forward to the weekend.
Very Happy

I can't find Leysters on any map, Bodger, though my pooting skills are a bit rubbish. Nearest big town-Hereford, Leominster, Ludlow? I could be talked into going, as I am already a member of WBCPBA and Barbara is always going on at me to get involved.

Bit north east of Leominster.

Google HR6 OHP

Its just outside Leominster, a few miles up the road from Ludlow. Karen and I took the kids camping in Leysters on a couple of occasions, its a lovely area. We're still trying to move to Shropshire or Herefordshire and I'm looking forward to my weekend. Very Happy

Thanks for that Bodger and Nick for the link. I tried and failed to find it initially on the map. Strange you saying you want to move to Shrops/Herefords. It may be my next move. If I get to the meeting, I will explain my aim for me. I have just put a feeler out about going a bit more south than I am now. I am off next w/e to friends at Bridgnorth, and we always end up at Ludlow to see their grandson at some point. I lived on the Brown Clee hill at one stage in life and that was fantastic. you could be out in blazing sunshine in shirt sleeves in November-facing due south- and be in thick fog a mile round the hill and cold on the north side! I may see you there but...... if the rugby internationals are on then I will be at home!

Wales will lose today, so you're going to be much better off coming along and seeing a few pigs. And me too of course. Laughing

Wales will lose today, so you're going to be much better off coming along and seeing a few pigs. And me too of course. Laughing

I'll take that bet. Name the stakes!

Rob R

I'm pleased to see that the Lassie line has survived in the saddlebacks, which owes a lot to Nat - she made arrangements to save our two sows when we gave up pigs and founda home for them.
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