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The difference between a personal & business FB page ...

Can someone please point me to the thread where this was discussed a few months ago?

I know several people (Merionwen, Glyn Elwyn come to mind) here have 2 sets of FB pages and it's something I need to get sorted sooner rather than later so that galleries etc can 'like' me rather than asking to be friends with me.

I assume it's not a difficult job once I've found out where to start Smile

Thank you.

Nell Merionwen

I don't know where the thread is. However, in the left column click on pages and you'll be given the option to "create page". Pages are set as public by default unless you change them.

These cover some of the discussion Very Happy
Green Rosie

You need a personal page and then link your business page to it. Then you can make your business FB page public and lock down your personal page however much you want. Do not try to open a business page on it's own (even though FB will allow this) as then you cannot comment on other pages and it is hard to interact with people.

I still dont get all this, and Kieran is refusing to help me. I need to ask Kate..... Rolling Eyes
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