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The final hurdle.

Government experts have agreed the neonic ban should stay in place, but we all know the Tories are the party of big business not the people.
& for sure Bayer & Syngenta (now a subsidiary of Monsanto) will be applying loads of pressure.
On Tuesday the Environment minister Liz Truss will decide whether to lift the ban or not.
Please follow this link & tweet her as many & various times as you can.
We need to apply as much pressure as possible.
My bees are watching & believe me you don't want the ones I hived on Wednesday paying you a visit Wink Wink
Please for the bees.
If you can e-mail your MP to apply pressure to all the better & if you don't want to tweet I believe there's a phone number you can call.
Mistress Rose

Have signed a petition for keeping the ban, but don't do tweets I am afraid, and all I get from my MPs is rehashes of government policy. I suppose taking lots of hive of bees to London to make the point would cause chaos and have them all doused with something nasty. Perhaps you should take your really nasty ones to London to make the point Tavascarow. Laughing


For those of you that don't tweet here's the e-mail address for the DEFRA helpdesk.
The telephone number is 020 7238 6951.
Please be a pain, if we don't act that's as good as a green light to the current government.
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