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The Full Monty.

I was able to take a photo this afternoon of all nine pigs on our holding.

Now then, on this next picture you need to look at the pig ark on the right. Up until 4.00pm on Tuesday, it was positioned exactly level with the one on the left. That was until a whirlwind came in and flipped it over and over to where it is now. It was lifted out of the enclosure without touching the electric fence that was surrounding it. There were three pigs in the ark at the time and unfortunately, Patrick the boar was slightly injured during the incident. I think he had a knock on the back and is favouring one of his back legs.

Three weeks after arriving and the four Large blacks are doing extremely well. They certainly enjoy a bit of a dig.

" I think that I'm a bit of a corker, don't you?


I don't always comment, but I do enjoy looking at your photos, Bodger Very Happy

Super photos, especially like the first one. the black pigs certainly have something about them.

nice piggies ,the pigs can fly thing is scarey ,i hope the boar recovers and im very pleased that no pig or person was badly hurt (or even a wicked witch in red shoes)

three swine and the arc must be quite a mass (half a tonne maybe?)that must have been a twister rather than a gust

The ark was a heavy one but its one without a floor.

The Large Blacks are really good looking pigs, Bodger; you remember the 'gang of 2', well yours are a gang of 4! they really do look 'together' as show pigs, although hard to tell from photos, but if you haven't shown you may consider 3 of them to form a trio later on. They have also settled well by the look of them-whatever you have done to them don't change it!
Sorry about the boar, hope he gets better soon.

Its definitely a worry.

The large black pigs are on three to four pounds of the meal that we discussed in another thread. Very Happy

thats a lot of pigs Bodger. Are you diversifying into pork then/ Beyond a pig for the household I think.

In the summer I have hundreds of people coming in for cider and apple juice, I might as well send them away with GOS sausages and burgers while I'm at it.

Spot on Bodger! pun intended.

You can't beat a bit of Welsh boyo! I've borrowed this young Welsh boar to run with two of my Old Spot gilts.
Here he is tucking into his dinner. As you can see, he's only a baby and has a lot of growing to do.

You could pay thousands for that view. :nwink:
Rob R

I hope you've got a good bootscraper! Very Happy

I didn't take the camera, as there wasn't time, but we had it a bit wetter today, after a night of heavy rain, and the cows were grazing up to their bellies in floodwater. We moved them out of the lower carr and I'll hopefully take some photos tomorrow but it almost overtopped the new wellies while collecting in the electric fence!

I've thought about extending their runs but it would only be a matter of days before the new ground was the same as the old. It is a bit muddy but not quite as bad as it looks. Believe it or not but we actually have good draining land. Lightish soil on sand and gravel. Very Happy
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