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The great British bake off

Apparently returns Tuesday 20th August.

Very Happy

Oh! Neutral

who hooo....can't wait! Very Happy

I went to Carfest last year (wait for it, name drop Embarassed ) and entered the cakes vs pies and got in the top ten with my goat pie, met Mary and Paul and both as lovely as they come across on the telly Very Happy

the only TV show these days that keeps me glued to the screen

Who would people like to win?

Now I know I'm in here talking to myself but.......Lucy could have put a little more effort into her show stopper last night I thought.

For me I'm torn between Frances, Mark and Rob as who I would like to win.

Interestingly there was a short article in the Guardian about previous series' winners....they are all now working with food in different ways. That's good Smile

Mary and Paul and both as lovely as they come across on the telly

Not sure that ditching your wife for a younger woman once you become famous is lovely; but there you go.

We want the space guy to win as he works at company where Wes did his work experience

BTL wants Ruby to win Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

I wonder why?

I like the crazy woman who did a sandwich cake and matchstick bread Very Happy

I think Kimberley is in with a good chance.
Liked the look and sound of her 'peace' bread.


we missed the first 2 challenges last night as someone was asleep in charge of the telly while someone else was washing up, putting the kids to bed and chasing baby bunnies back into the run for the night!
does anyone know if its repeated in the week?
did she do badly in the rest of the challenges? her bread was a bit of a let down in the bit we saw.

Woo, it's repeated this Sunday 7pm on BBC2.

or iPlayer if it works abroad for you?

or iPlayer if it works abroad for you?

iplayer only works via a proxy server... but sunday 7 i can set on the recorder. thank you Very Happy
i have to say, its such 'nice' tv.
i dont as a rule watch reality stuff. i would rather not know what most people want to share to the viewing public. Rolling Eyes
but a bit of cooking especially baking is friendly.
Mistress Rose

I only started watching it last series, but quite enjoy it. Started watching to see what they make and what we need to produce in the way of wood products, as we had a run on pie moulds, even though we can only manage individual size on the pole lathe without an awful lot of hard work. We leave the large ones to the power lathe turners. Pastry tampers also became popular for a bit too.
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