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The Grinch Stole My Christmas

Just learned that my employers (US-based) are changing our paydates so now we won't get paid between Dec 15th and Jan 29th.

I can see why they've done it, but they say they're giving us notice now 'so you have chance to save'

Ha! Cos I do all my saving over Christmas, normally!

I've been finding things really tight as it is as they made a cock-up on my pay earlier in the year after I got promoted. A promotion that got me less money... I have deductions in my pay until May. I've had to cancel my wedding and though I love my job and the place I work, sometimes I feel like I'm working off bondage (kinky! Wink )

Just had to ring my fiancé to let him know Christmas is cancelled as well Sad

My signature now takes on added significance Sad

Frugal Christmas hints gratefully received.

If this is just a moan, that's grand. If it's more serious, could you ask them for an advance, or to stall the deductions for a couple of months?

A bit of a moan... I've tried telling my HR dept about 'breach of contract' things before, but they don't listen, which leaves you weighing up pros and cons.

My position is weak because 1)they have warned us 2) I technically owe them money already.

I'm telling my family I'm going to make sure mom is okay (she's having chemo at the mo, so I think she should have the best of anything we can give her) but everyone else gets lovely creative knitted houmous and the like.

Plaited yoghurt is good, too.
john of wessex

When I had my pay date changed we all got a £500 interest free loan.......

Ok, this would tend to tick me off. Why on Gods green earth would they feel it was ok to not pay you for 6 weeks?

This is unjust and unfair to say the least.

With the international trading that has existed for years, I see NO reason to withhold pay.

I was upset 15 years ago when my employer delayed paying 2,500 employees for 24 hours.

All that I could think of was how much interest they were making on our monies over that period of time. Keeping money for additional weeks? They are going to make a killing on interest.

Well, unfortunately, they're American.

They've now gone international, so they are putting us all in line with each other in foreign territories, whereas before we were in line with them, and unbenownst to me (because it was years ago when I started working here) we have been getting paid in advance. No, not us working in advance of pay. Basically, I started on 1st of the month and pay day was 15th... and we got a full month. This is clearly stoopid, and well done to them for realising, but does screw us over a bit.

I'm going to have to look at this over the weekend, work out what's coming out of my account when and what is likely to miss on the DDs.

If you are likely to miss DDs because of insufficient funds and your bank won't give you a temporary overdraft to cover them, tell the bank in advance not to pay the DDs, that way you won't get bank charges on the failed payments. It'll be a bit of a hassle stopping DDs, making manual payments and restarting the DDs, but if you keep all parties informed of why you've missed a payment and when you will settle up it could save you a bit in charges. Best option is to explain the situation to the bank and get an overdraft to cover the gap, but if they won't do that, cancelling the DDs is next best thing.

Indeed. Half a dozen missed DD at £25 a pop will put the bigger dent in your Christmas. Talk to the banks/suppliers. They'll be fine about moving them. Be an hour well spent.

Yes, ask your bank to change your DD dates, and explain if necessary about the change to your paydate.

Ok I get it now. Still smells like 3 day old fish. Sorry for your troubles.
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