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the Haute- vienne 87 france

we have moved from the Deux-sèvres in the poitou charente to the 87 limousin region,up sizing in hectares, we have always lived a simple life ,this time we hope to share our patch with other familys , artisans and farming projects as we have bought the farm as an S.C.I. which means that like minded people can buy in shares and live as a self- sufficient community We have a working wood workshop,barns,communal house, garden,fruit trees,own water, bread oven, 4 hectares of mature woods, 17 hectares of pasture land, enough to get lost in, and all surrounding the farmhouse and barns+ permission to build eco-friendly houses on the site(what! no it's not for hoildays it's for residents ) this could be of interest to people wanting to make the move to france and be able to really settle into a community. We are all French, except me(tho' bi-lingual as I have lived in France for all my adult life).If this could interest you, we are looking for families, or couples seeking a DS life,their feet firmly on the ground, willing to exchange skills,and become part of living/working project.


Hello, we have a few French living people on here.
Welcome to the site.


Sounds good and looks nice (the photo in the other post). Whereabout are you? We've got a place in the Creuse and hope to move over soonish ...




we are 25 kms s.w. limoges, not far from Chalus 87230
Green Rosie

Hello and welcome - we moved to Calvados in August and our plan is to create to 2 eco-gites for holiday cottages. We will also convert an old farmhouse into our own eco-house. I am very jealous of your ability to speak French - I am learning as fast as I can but it is not fast enough for my liking Rolling Eyes

Bon courage and keep us posted with your progress

Don't know how I missed this before!

Your setup sounds wonderful!! We're not far from you, but over the border in the Corrèze, just off junction 44 of the A20. Hope you find enough others to join your commune to make it worthwhile
Blue Sky

Re: hi

labj wrote:
we are 25 kms s.w. limoges, not far from Chalus 87230

We are 87130. 25km the other side. You setup looks good. Best of look with it.

(I missed this post too)
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