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The Hungry Gap - what's seeing you through?

Its too early to harvest spring sown crops so what's on your plate?

We've just had a second helping of purple sprouting brocolli - delicious.
The Leeks are still standing but starting to bolt - poot things do look battered.
Garlic - about 30+ big fat bulbs should see us through until August!
Chives are ready to eat - but we never seem to use them enough.

In the freeezer a few tomato-based sauces left and an embarassing number of bags of soft fruit. Oh and three bags of frozen chillis.
About 8 jars of chilli jam in the cupboard too (we did get a lot fo chillis last year).

Half a demi-john of raspberry wine - that tastes foul (thats why its still there).
One demi-john of chardonay wine (from the grape vine in the polytunnel) that nobody has been brave enough to taste yet,

Last of the parsnips and some scraggy chard and battered swede. The pigeons got my psb. What the didn't eat they crapped all over. I'd been storing some soft fruits in vodka or 'alcohol pour fruits'. These hand now been mashed, filtered, blended with sugar solution and bottled. They are meant to stand for another couple of months but there was some spillage in transit last night.
Mistress Rose

Presumable the spillage was made use of Behemoth. Very Happy

The pigeons got our psb and kale. I am sure it is them that have chewed it all. There are some leeks left, but they are bolting, otherwise the garden is bare. Quince, bramble and strawberry jam (not our strawberries), bramble and quince wine on the go, quince ready to bottle, but not too good flavour when I last tried it. Quite drinkable though.

Various jams, preserves, a few pumpkins, some dehydrated strawberries, plums & tomatoes; a few tomato sauces and some red pepper soup and I know there is some ratatouille somewhere in the freezer... if only I could find it.

That reminds me there's a bag of Apple rings left.

Still got Jerusalem artichokes, the tops have completely disappeared but I know where they are!!

Black Tuscan kale, red Russian kale and Swiss chard all over wintered still very productive. Lots of lambs lettuce and rocket. We also have 7 melon boxes of newspaper wrapped discovery apples kept in 2 old rabbit hutches that are still very eatable.

In the garden : Jerusalem artichokes, cavolo nero (now sprouting like PSB), actual PSB, chives and wild garlic starting.

In the freezer ? lots of blackcurrants, and other fruit. Some portions of various cooked garden veg but not many.

Storecupboard : preserves, including homegrown chilli and apple jelly, apple and green tomato chutney; foraged rosehip jelly; damson gin, sloe gin.

Soon there will be nettles. Thankfully, there will be no ground elder.

tamworth Laughing

Might see if the squirrels have left us any Oca.

Mind you, the little sods have decimated my tulips in pots.

If the taste of tulips is preferable to Oca for them, maybe I should take the hint?

(Mind you, squirrels don't have the option of adding butter, pepper or a touch of balsamic to things)
Jam Lady

During the Hunger Winter of the Second World War the Dutch ate tulip bulbs. Six to 8 were considered a portion for an adult man.

Do NOT eat daffodil bulbs as they are poisonous.

Fresh - Leeks, cabbages, turnip top, a few beetroot (voles keep scoffing them from under, leaving just the leaves) and lots of lovely foraged things
Stored - the last potatoes, a few marrows, plenty garlic
Frozen - Loads of tomatoes frozen whole, strawberries and raspberries I've been saving for a special occassion that hasn't happened yet
Dehydrated - Onion tops, green stuff like fat hen and nettles, lots of tomatoes, peppers, chillies, last big jar of mushrooms and plenty kiwis
In jars - we have enough jam, chutney and sauces to last several years even if we ate nothing else, bottled apples, pears and plums, tomato puree, mysterious things in oil.

It'll be a long time until we starve, but I'm getting really fed up of having to buy carrots

We'd probably have finished the leeks ages ago only I'm often too lazy to go get them when it's dark in the evenings.

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