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The last shovel maker,299
Ty Gwyn

Excellent video Richard.
Mistress Rose

Interesting particularly that the scoops were used for gunpowder. I don't know if they used wood in this country, but I know iron of any sort was banned where gunpowder was used in case of sparks. He uses the same basic technique I use for spoons, but of course far bigger. Personally I use a draw knife (and a shave horse rather than holding the work piece) to make the shape, but some people use a small axe. Husband knew several people trained in the Dockyard who used a hand adze like this man and could make very accurate cuts too.

The guy we used to buy or pyro from had a factory where all the tools were made of wood or plastic!

More cutbacks?
Mistress Rose

Quite a lot of these old crafts are still out there if you go looking for them. I know hurdle makers, oak frame building makers, peg makers, hazel spelk basket makers, thatching spar makers, trug makers and we do pole lathe turning, spoon and spatula making using the old methods. Nice if they are passed on, even if the craftsmen change in their background.

Both great vids.
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