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the marvels plants can do

a few months back a member of the public ripped a small branch off the elegance tree, a bhutan pine, so i decided to try to take advantage of a situation and in the words of rasta mouse "make a bad ting good ".

as cloning material it was unpromising, starting to wilt, a last years branch with cone buds behind the needles and therefore also lacking in the softer bits that are usually easiest to root with most pines.
best practice was applied.

anyway back to now, 3 out of 4 semi hardwood tip cuttings have rooted and two are growing fine clumps of needles .

the cone buds shrivelled and the tips became vegetative again.


That's your green fingers Dpack Cool

did you ever see any of my entries in "this seasons disaster" snaps Laughing
Mistress Rose

That's good Dpack. Cuttings are amazing sometimes. At other times, as you say, they just curl up and die.

What was your technique?

one or two tips on a few inches of stem, long clean wedge cut, seaweed rooting powder, gently insert into pr poked hole, keep very well watered ( that varies from spp. to spp. ) partial shade sheltered spot.

gently insert into pr poked hole...

What medium?

pre poked with a stick Laughing

my general purpose soil which is g pig frass/ashes/wee + peat based compost used for many years but added to mixed with half sharp sand for a rooting medium

no sieving or sterilisation
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