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the moth


ace stories from public service broadcasting.

I've always wondered how much American public broadcasting goes abroad. I was surprised to hear Prairie Home Companion on the radio when I was in New Zealand years ago.

For similar stories to the Moth, but with a scientific bent there is also The Story Collider podcast:

thanks will check it out.
i came across the moth via a linky from the bbc , it has gone on my bookmarks list , listening to folk telling their story is fascinating , so far i have had a very happy 3 hrs and plan to spend more time listening to things as varied as learning to land a jet on a carrier and sneaking your chums into the whitehouse to conduct a 2 man wedding.

I sometimes have tasks that lend themselves well to podcasts. (not much thinking required, but dull and monotonous)

As such, I've grown to have a quite a list of preferred podcasts. So much so that I sometimes wish I had more dull and monotonous tasks that lend themselves to listening.....

My favorites:
The Moth
Story Collider
The Dollop bizarre stories, primarily from American history, told from one comedian to another. Can be very entertaining, can be vulgar. My favorite episode is "the rube" )
This American Life
Hardcore History (this one is very different, only comes out a few times a year, but each episode is several hours long)
The Truth (sort of like old school radio dramas. Audio fiction)

I also like a nerdy personal finance one, called The Mad Fientist, but I'll only admit that here where I'm still sort of anonymous Laughing

thanks ,

bbc radio i player has some good stuff (and plenty of carp) linky to auntie .

a uk based proxy server should deal with any zoning issues but iirc the radio side of the bbc is pretty much open access regardless of location.

perfect on the pa for a church social and perfect in many ways Laughing
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