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The price of fish

I though i would start this as a seprate topic because of the one on discards ,

Most of the members would have watched the video on here of fish been thrown over the side of the boat and said to yourself what a waste , well i'm now going to tell you another waste of fish that is not the fishermans fault.

Withdrawn from market - and fish prices!

Withdrawn from market is when fish of leagal size and of good quality are taken off sale at the fish market due to over supply or the buyers just don't want them , these are then turned into fishmeal or dumped.

The price of fish the fishermen gets in his pocket determines what fish gets picked up of the deck of the boat and gutted to be sent to market , as alot of fish have very little value to the fishermen when landed even if legal size and good quality.

This valueless fish is bad enough when its been landed into your home port , but when put on a lorry to be transported the cost take away the value of the fish in the box to the point it's not worth picking up in the first place so gets thrown overboard as a disguard.

The fishwives of Newhaven were famous for both their beauty and confidence. They carried the fish their men had caught in baskets on their backs up to Edinburgh to sell it. Whenever storms at sea made the fishing especially dangerous and the price of fish rose, they were heard saying 'It's no fish ye're buying, it's men's lives'. The phrase became internationally known after Sir Walter Scott used it in his novel, The Antiquary.

I think fishing is still the most dangerous job in the UK.

Bull fighting takes some beating. Very Happy

Bodger wrote:
Bull fighting takes some beating. Very Happy

I would hazard a guess that more spaniards are lost at sea each year than in the bullring! By a factor of 10 at least...
Ty Gwyn

As an Ex Miner,i`ve held a few mountains up with wooden posts,

But you could`nt find enough money to get me on a fishing trawler.

In the 50's the goverment toyed with the idea of putting prisoners on factory ships to procces fish , but stopped on the grounds it may be classed as slave labour.

In the 80's the offical figure of 1 UK fisherman died every 8 days , making the job 16 times more dangerous than coal mining.

I have been to more memorials (no body to bury ) than funerals, to do with fishing.

Luck has every thing to do with it, i was once draged over board by an anchor while shooting gillnets and survived . Two other boats that weekend had the same thing happen to 2 crew members and they did not live to tell the tale.

The price of fish is always high for the ones catching it.

I cannot think of a way to improve things both for the fisherman and for fishstocks. Can you suggest anything?

I have just realised how little fish I have bought for the last few months, most I have eaten has come from us or friends catching them locally but that's not an answer and I like fish a lot.

Dont feel guilty about not buying fish regular as buying fish from a retailer does as much good for the fisherman ,as milk does for the farmer
The way forward is generally out of the publics control as i relies on the fish markets for better prices , fuel to come down in price and goverments to protect their own fleet.

carlseawolf wrote:
Luck has every thing to do with it, i was once draged over board by an anchor while shooting gillnets...

With hind sight, can you not see how that accident might have been avoided?
Ty Gwyn

I dare say thats what the NZ Government will do after the men are brought out of the Pike River Mine after Fridays Explosion
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