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The pro-GM lobby's seven sins against science

The pro-GM lobby's seven sins against science by Peter Melchett.
oldish chris

thank-you for the link
Mistress Rose

A very interesting article. It is sad that there are so many subjects that people are either pro or anti, and that it is very difficult to get a balanced view of the facts. GM is one of these, and this article confirms some of my feeling that things are not being done right.

As a scientist, I was taught that you conducted an experiment (the ultimate aim having it described later as an 'elegant' experiment) to find out an aspect of a subject. This was then checked by yourself at least once if possible before publication, and then repeated by other people to see if they got the same results.

I have been worried for a long time that money has been seen as more important than people. In the drug and food industry the safety, as far as can be ascertained, should be properly established before a product is released. This is not happening.

This article raised a number of points that I had not thought about, and seems quite sensible.
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