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The Pumpkin has landed

We collected the new cat this afternoon.

The previous owners live in a flat above a shop on a main road, so acclimatising to her new home in a bright airy back bedroom/office with a big window looking out over tree filled gardens has been exciting and tiring.

Fortunately, bookshelves provide plenty of potential cat caves to sleep in.

Suspect she has also sniffed essence of Woodmouse in the room.

Years ago, friends of ours took on a very urban cat who'd not been allowed out. They live semi-rural - edge of suburbia - run of houses along a road that leads out the suburbs and backs on field.

The first day they let new cat out it brought them lots and lots of gold fish. They never did work out whose pond was emptied.

Ah - the family we rehomed her from (as they are moving) have goldfish. Wonder if there has been an "incident".

Dylan the wimpy cat from two doors down has first dibs on the frogs at present. She'll be living in the back room (litter tray in the ensuite) for a couple of weeks, then having the run of the house for a couple more, before she goes out.

Exciting - for you and her Very Happy Hope it all goes well!
Green Rosie

Pictures please Very Happy
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