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the slimey hoard part ....umm ..many

i just slaughtered about 60 leopard slugs and evicted 3 snails

compared to the numbers pre nematodes that was a very light "crop" even though i havn't added more todes for 3 years.

i recon that once established the nematodes just get on with it and keep the numbers at manageable levels

most slug species are are completely absent although the little ones that only eat dead plant material are still doing their job.leopard slugs seem immune.

a big up for todes Wink
Mistress Rose

I squashed some more snails and disposed of another slug yesterday. The main thing is to try to get rid of hiding places for them, but as I am not the most systamatic of gardeners, I find that hard.

my issues are more stalingrad than the libyan desert ,the yard is all hiding places and not much growing space,the "landscape" makes any attempt at a dmz/mac namara line strategy equally ineffective.

tis far better than a few years ago when i regularly got a couple of hundred mixed slugs and a hundred snails at a time even though it was an every damp evening job.

i recon the todes have helped a lot

i still havenít had a single lettuce that got above 5mm out of the soil yet Rolling Eyes

Not a fan of iron phosphate baits then?

Not a fan of iron phosphate baits then?

no,i like worms and although less toxic to hounds than metaldehyde they are toxic and there are examples and papers on the matter.

Please don't talk to me about slugs, the barstewards are everywhere.
Jam Lady

Once again, here are directions for pet / bird / child safe slug traps. Easy to make and no slime on your hands.

Take a large empty plastic soda bottle. Cut apart at the top of the cylinder. Invert top into cylinder - it looks like a funnel - and staple together.

Toss slug bait into contraption and lay it down on its side in a popular-with-slugs place.

Slugs will climb in to get to the bait. Not being terrible bright they cannot figure out how to exit (there's a pun in here somewhere . . . . )

When it gets messy / icky, just wrap in newspaper and discard in rubbish bin. Make a new one.
Mistress Rose

Having failed with everything else this year I might try that Jam Lady.

ace, thanks i will give it a go,those work for wasps and flies ,small fish tadpoles etc etc etc .

i had never heard or thought of it for slugs .

will let you know how it goes.
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