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the slimey hoard part xn

even after the recent warm weather and heavey rain i can find very few in the raised bed or lurking under plant tubs etc

a few years ago i used the nematodes in a bag stuff for two years running ,they seem to have become indigenous and do a fine job on all except leopard slugs they dont get the little black ones until they are about 20mm long but they dont seem to thrive or breed much

big up for todes Cool

I thought that the little black ones fed on detritus? I'm sure I remember someone on a telly programme with a beer trap intoning:

If they're black throw them back. If they're brown then let them drown.

the little black ones although rather stick do not seem to eat leaves so is suspect you are right about their diet
Mistress Rose

I have used a combination of copper and beer traps, and seem to be winning at the moment. It has also been quite dry, which helps. Apart from one night, I have been watering using the watering can around the roots and not generally, so that doesn't encourage the little beasts either. They seem to be trying to kill the squash in the greenhouse though, and may have succeeded, although I am still watering it in hope.
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