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the slimey hoard, winterwatch special

the leopards and littler slitherers are full of the joys of spring and treating an interlude of rather warm rain as an excuse for a party Rolling Eyes

as each would have several hundred descendants by seedling time such moments might be a good tactical opportunity to donate some beer to make their swinging party more bloody assizes than aubrey beardsley Twisted Evil

Good idea. The slimy horde coupled with their white winged friends with the capacious appetites that destroy my brassicas are the bane of my existence.
Mistress Rose

Perhaps I should put out some beer traps then. It has been cold here lately, but will keep an eye on the weather forecast and if several days mild are due, may put out the traps.

Snowing here at the moment but it's never too early to kill slimy hordes!

It is never too early or too late to attack the slimy ones. A half orange after you have squeezed and enjoyed the juice works they say-sort of double pleasure. You get to drink the juice and murder the slimy ones!

I object to the huge leopard slugs that suddenly appear in the kitchen Surprised
probably from behind the sink kitchen unit,before the house got wrapped they could get in by the waste water exit...

the ones in the bathroom,usually small,probably came in through the plastic windows' drain taped over Cool
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