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Ty Gwyn

The US Shutdown.

What has been the cause of this situation,looks like a meltdown going on.

Not heard mention of a strike,so what`s the problem,people not getting paid etc.

Trump wants money for his wall and as much chaos as possible... hard to see the outcome on this one.

the hill op ed

teamtrump are trying to retain the fash vote, blame the dems and distract from various legal complications they face from being exposed as a corrupt bunch of rogues.
Mistress Rose

So will Trump go off in a straightjacket or a prison van?

Either way suits me MR. just as long as he goes!
Not sure I liked Hilary Cling-on, but preferable to what we have got.
Jam Lady

If president no longer able to serve then the vice president becomes president - Johnson after Kennedy was killed. If VP cannot serve then Speaker of the House is third in line. That would be Pelosi. Remember that impeachment does not directly remove president from office. There has to be a trial. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying but not removed from office.

imho neither, prediction is difficult but projection is a useful tool.

mueller has served assorted speaking indictments and sentencing recommendations. from what he has made public and what he must know about there are valid cases against many team trump members and family which could be prosecuted.

the tax, charity, money , fraud, profiting from office etc etc of teamtrump/family could be prosecuted.

afaik the potus cannot be charged while in office however mueller can report to the hill and they could impeach him if the gop see him as a liability for 2020

he is likely to want to stand for a second term as that gives him immunity but he might not get the gop ticket and more importantly he might not get re elected at which point assorted indictments might be unsealed and activated.

trump might resign in exchange for pardons for him and his family but that might not be on offer.

as pence is deeply implicated in misdeeds a simple 25th exit does not help much and there are legal blocks to arresting a sitting potus for their misdeeds

my best guess is mueller presents a strong case for collusion and obstruction against trump to the hill, they start impeachment actions. central members of family and teamtrump are charged with assorted felonies.
how it goes from there is beyond me .

for a wild bet bumped off by a disgruntled greenkeeper seems as plausible as anything
Mistress Rose

It does seem odd that the President cannot be prosecuted while in office, but then I suppose our system seems odd to people from other countries. There is nothing to stop either the Prime Minister or the Monarch in the UK from prosecution, although as far as the Monarch goes, I think it would probably be done quietly and they be allowed to abdicate and live away from public life somewhere, perhaps under guard.

The monarch is absolutely above the law. Sovereign Immunity is well established in Convention, Case and International Law. It’ll pretty much protect Her Government, too

And for Presidents, the jury is somewhat out. It’s never been tested...
Mistress Rose

It didn't help Charles I, and he was a far more absolute ruler than the present Queen.

It didn't help Charles I, and he was a far more absolute ruler than the present Queen.

Well. That’s quite the daftest thing you’ve ever said, but let’s pretend it’s relevant. Almost 4% of the population died in the run up to, and aftermath of, his arrest. That’s hardly ‘nothing’.

the casualty rate over that period was probably far higher than 4% if hardship related deaths are included with single issue trauma ones

averages dont give details, in some places cas. rates were very high, others less so.

in modern terms nastier than bosnia and a bit less nasty than pol pot (except in a few places where it was full on ruanda )

‘Nothing to stop...’
Mistress Rose

Having studied the period in our locality it seems to have been more of a fiasco than a battle. Only one direct casualty as far as I am aware, and that was when a Parliamentary cannon ball actually hit something; a mill. Did cause the local cattle and sheep to be swum across the harbour to keep them from marauding soldiers though.

Civil war is always nasty and hopefully can be avoided in both the US and UK.

I don't think there is any need to be rude either Nick.

I’ll retract.

It’s not the daftest thing you’ve ever said.

It does seem odd that the President cannot be prosecuted while in office, but then I suppose our system seems odd to people from other countries.

This isn't actually established law or anything, just Department of Justice guidance. Nancy Pelosi recently asserted that a president could be indicted.

I would like to see the new makeup of the House of Representatives actually go ahead with impeachments. Some argue "why bother" without an assurance that Senate majority will allow for sentencing, or trial, or whatever its called, but I think impeachment is the only thing that will drum up enough focused political outrage upon sitting senators to feel compelled to act.

Shutdown is bothering people:


I sort of hope the TSA workers organize and demand action
(and that it spurs people in the streets non-stop calling for political action to change the status quo - but I won't hold my breath)
Mistress Rose

The quote “Everyone should have a plan for this stuff if you work for the federal government” doesn't really say a lot for working for the government unfortunately. Those without savings are going to have to find the money from somewhere, so may have to leave government service if their pay doesn't come through very soon I would think. dpack

those with gov contracts might get paid eventually, those who work for contractors will almost certainly not get paid.

short term they are stuffed in both situations, at least a well organised strike has welfare built in. a lock out does not.

a lock out where the workers are at no fault and are not in dispute with their employer and their immediate employer is not at fault or in dispute with the top line payee is rather harsh.
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