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The Value of a Tree & Others

These were written by my colleague in Cornwall Sustainable Landscapes. Thought this was a good place to post them.

The Value of a tree -

Self Sufficiency -

Cornish Apple Trees -

Shane Kneebone

Looks interesting.
I shall take a closer look this evening when I have more time but thought I would just say hello neighbour & welcome to the forum.
Very Happy

just had a quick look through and a look at the Cornish Apple Pics. I like getting more information about apples, thanks for your posting.

I wondered about the Cornish Aromatic picture, the one I grow is a completely different shape, very distinctive, ribbed at the top and pinched at the bottom.

Maybe its because its growing in foreign (Somerset) lands though Smile

Hello there! Welcome aboard. Thanks for showing us your blog. I like your avatar Very Happy
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