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the visitation

we went away for a few days last week.i feel a bit sorry for sd as first morning she was in charge of the critters the hedgehog croaked and an hour later the most senior guineapig croaked.

not related demises and both half expected but 2 deathagrams in an hour is not a good start to critter sitting Rolling Eyes

im glad we had warned her that both were looking a bit iffy.

I looked after 3 gps for a neighbour, whilst they were on holiday.

Our dog killed one Crying or Very sad

I was mortified. It caught it because gp escaped, and held it gently in its mouth, but gp died of fright.

Neighbour didn't mind at all, as she was going to ask if we wanted them at the end of the holiday. I didn't though I was so upset.

my grannie taught me the classic "match that one"goldfish trick when one she was minding floated . Laughing

Our dwarf hamster is so old and senile that we always advise sitters that we'd be surprised if he last the week. He just keeps going.

We were always more concerned for the state of minders' fingers than the welfare of our tortoise as kids.

My brother has often said that he has to keep his will up to date so we know who has to look after Slowcoach.
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