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The Welsh Menu - Swansea Food Festival

It's on all BH and we went yesterday.

I was really disappointed, there's such a wealth of excellent local producers and it could have been such a great way to showcase them as it is right in the city centre.

About half a dozen burger/fast food stands and ice cream stands in Castle Square and then a big tent with more stands inside and some demonstrations. Unfortunately you had to pay 5 to go into the tent and most of the stands inside were ones that we can see at local produce markets for nothing. You had to pay extra for the demonstrations which were mostly about well known chefs or local resteraunts talking about their recipe books as far as I could see.
I wouldn't mind paying for a demonstration of something I was interested in but I'm not going to pay to look at stands I can see for free any weekend.

I can only hope that they will learn from this as it was the first time this festival has happened.
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