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The Winchcombe and Cotswolds Walking Festival 2017

Karen and I are going to be going to this one from the 19th to the 21st of May. I've already started my training, so that I don't show myself up, I've increased my walking. Here's hoping that weather is kind on us and we're looking forward to meeting some interesting  people on our way too. Smile

Have a good time. We're off up to The Lake District in early April. Hoping to get some miles in, weather permitting.

As a bit of a training walk, Karen and I did this one before todays storm moved in. It was a bracing experience to say the least. This is a walk that I do fairly regularly and it usually blows the cob webs away and tests the calf muscles.

We'll be doing a gentle walk from Llangollen along the canal to the aqueduct at Froncysyllte and back this coming Sunday.

Sean which part of the Lakes are you going to ? Kaz and I are going to have a week up there this summer.

Northern. We're staying near Caldbeck in a posh wood cabin. Linky It's handy for visiting my dad.

That looks very handy Sean. We stayed in something very similar in Ashbourne last summer, when we went to The Chatsworth Country Fair. All I need to do now, is to check the fishing out. I don't go fishing from year to year but I just have to when I'm on holiday. Very Happy

A gentle stroll to the summit of Snowdon and back tomorrow. Rolling Eyes

Labryinthitis had forced me to sit still for a few days 😕

Labryinthitis , epley ? it works for some folk .

re snowdon in march , umm interesting ,it might be sunny and warm , it might be cold and windy , it might be like wandering about in a ping pong ball , it may have a full variety pack of precipitation. most likely it will do all of them during a day Laughing

thinking about it it can do most of those in summer as well

i have done it light ie fast and a bit risky (only if you know it as well as your back garden) and well equipped and a bit slower (more sensible just in case or good for a few days playing on the tops)

sensible can be a few kilos (5000 calories, stove/pan, bivvy bag/ light tarp/carry mat , extra dry clothing, gaffer tape and string etc) map,compass,torch,whistle ,gps and phone make sense on any walk up there as a few hours can unexpectedly become a couple of days cos you are having too much fun to go home as well as the other less fun reasons .

i dont know what the snow situation is on the top at the mo but if there is any snow/ice cover boot grips or crampons are a must and an ice axe is well handy kit

have fun

We've walked up Garn Boduan on numerous occasions but I'd never walked up its neighbouring bigger cousin Garn Fadryn before.

Lousy weather yesterday, so I'm afraid that our walk up Snowdon didn't materialise but hopefully sometime later in the year, we'll have better luck ?
Instead, we walked up a local mini mountain, namely Garn Fadryn. At 371 metres above sea level this prehistoric settlement site still had plenty of steep bits to test both the walkers lungs and legs. The track up there was a bit hairy at times and coming down it was even more fraught.
It rained continually for the full time we were on the mountain and visibility was less than fifty metres, we didn't even get to see the fabulous all round views of the Lleyn Peninsular that we were assured was to be had from the summit.
My camera never left my pocket but the walk was still an exhilarating one and to give you some idea of what we should have seen, I thought folks might like to take a look at this website.

Climbing Carn Fadryn
If you are looking for a walk of about 90 minutes, with the maximum benefit to effort ratio, then look no further than Carn Fadryn, the "mou...

Its almost here. Karen and I have house sitters booked and early tomorrow morning, we're off on our travels. We seem to have had the walking festival booked for ages.
We'll travel down tomorrow and then for starters, in the afternoon, we're going to walk down the River Isbourne to a place called Toddington. Using a route from a small book that we have called 'The Isbourne Way' we'll then head back to Winchcombe. The book says that this circular walk is one of eight and a half miles. I'm really looking forward to it.

Are you back yet? How did it go?
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