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The Wonder of Dogs

If you love dogs then you'll love these 3 programs: iPlayer Linky

I thought most of the 'experiments' were unscientific/lacked rigour (an understatement), but nevertheless the programs showed just how versatile our best friends are.

Oh and they also got the best loved dog wrong - everyone knows that Springers are the ones.
Sally Too

I saw one of these too. Agree about the experiments (LOL) but I think that was the point, it was all just a bit of a laugh!

I liked the fun presentation style and the fact that lots of owners got a moment.

Of course the best dogs are JR Terriers!


I loved the program and I've got to be honest it made me cry alot, I miss my Mog an awful lot and although I know I've got a puppy booked for next year, it's still very hard (and Dandies are the best! )

You're both seriously deluded.

Admit it, you do want to cuddle him don't you?


He is beautiful. I would want to cuddle him. Very Happy

My Bonnie would very much like to jump on him and chase him and hit him and chase him and jump on him again. But he looks far too dignified for that.

We tried the yawning thing on Charlie as demonstrated in the TV show. He didn't register anything when my partner Janet yawned, but he yawned imediately after I did wav

Sometimes its almost as if he's completely in tune with me and understands a great deal of what I'm trying to communicate. Cool Cool Cool

But there are other times when he behaves like he's left his brain somewhere else. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

Not deluded and I pretty much love all dogs, I've grown up with dogs since I was born and this is the first time in my life I've not had a dog of my own or as part of the family AND I HATE IT!

Even when my first Dandie - Bertie had gone blind and was living with my Mum because the stairs in our then rented house were so steep we were frightened he'd fall down them, he was still mine and I still spent as much time as I could with him

I might get in touch to ask you more about Springers, OL. Our oldest lurcher died recently, at age 14 and on three legs since he was 5 so hadn't done badly. Still have one elderly lurcher left but thinking next time around not lurchers as I love them but can't quite cope with the bloodlust. And poss also want something a bit smaller than the lurchers we've had. Have thought of Springers but wonder if we can give them enough exercise.

I'll PM you sometime. Not urgent at all, but I talk to all Springer and Setter owners I meet anywhere to find out more.
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