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Nell Merionwen

Therapies I offer and brochure content.

We now have wheels and so it is time I started getting out there a bit more and practising a little more.
I need to promote myself and so we will be doing a shiny new brochure in the fullness of time.

On offer there will be
Phytotherapy Consultation
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Skincare Consultation.

Soon I will be able to offer clinical nutrition too.

So any advice about how the brochure should look, what the content should be, an reasonable price list and generally any other info you think may be useful please feel free to advise.
Nell Merionwen

ooh also anyone who has experienced the delights of my massagy fingers. If you would like to give feedback that I can use as a testimonial that would be great Cool

Might be a bit late but seen your post as now growing season slower have a chance to do other things like enjoy this site!! In the 90's I was in hypnotherapy and counselling, assertion and confidence building. Groups and individuals. I went with a very professional tri fold A4 in which you can say all you need with a nice logo on the front, two pages of info and times of business and address and phone on back. As these fairly expensive you have to be a bit cautious as to who gets them, you don't want them straight in bin! For a general hand out or a door drop( which worked very well) I had a fairly nice A5 from a local printer, you can get 5000 or so quite cheaply if you shop around. Your local public library will provide a list of local groups and societies who meet in your area who you can approach to give a talk or demo free of charge and you can put a leaflet on each seat! Local radio is easy to get on too to promote yourself. Finally it always paid to "target" a group e.g Sports or other ailments for massage rather than "massage is good for everything" let that group know that it will help THEM. Hope this helps. I am setting up confidence and assertion groups next year to help with bullying etc. Looking for a web site designer cheap!!
Mistress Rose

If you are still looking into this, you have to consider how much you want to pay for your brochure. We make a reasonable 3 fold one from A4 paper that gives general information. If you have to pay out a lot for glossies, I wouldn't put prices or other information that can become out of date, as that will limit the time you can use them.

Mistress Rose, have noted your thread and will be in touch next year re your a4 tri fold, are you printers?
Mistress Rose

No, woodland workers. We just print them out on the computer.

silly me, will give that a go, should be fun knowing my skills!!

I know you do a fantastic massage and will happily give a testimonial to that effect to appeal to the non-woo market.
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