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Things going missing in the post

Had an email today from a very nice chap we made some bone dice for a few weeks ago, letting us know they hadn't shown up. I clearly remember posting them, the order was only for about 16 so we hadnt sent them recorded, and of course we'll replace them for him, but Grrr. Why do the post office always lose the things that someone spent several hours making, and never the boring things? 10 sets of bone dice may not be a fortune in terms of cash, but it still represents several hours in teh workshop one way or another Sad
I'm fed up with the post office, I have a nasty feeling these new postal prices are going to be a pain in the proverbials, and I'm starting to not trust parcels to get there. We've personally only ever had about 2 go astray, but thats still too many when its all made to order stuff Mad

How annoying Mad

Touch wood, I haven't had anything go astray yet, but I sympathise, I'd be so annoyed.
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