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This solar panel any good?

Any cop then?

Hmm, looks nothing like ours. But, techy stuff is his department Very Happy

Paging Dr. Dougal, Paging Dr. Dougal.

Aaah, but any cop for what?
It has a claimed maximum output of about 1 watt. My mobile phone charger outputs 2.5 watts for comparison.
IMHO 1 watt from 1/2 a sq ft sounds, umm, pretty low spec.
The thing certainly isn't going to run Blackpool illuminations!
There is no mention of a protective enclosure, so applying the usual rules of marketing, there's no protection worth a mention.
The variability of (and rather low) specification makes them sound like rejects from somewhere else.
Nice plaything maybe, but shipping makes it look an expensive toy... unless you are buying 100 or so... in which case wouldn't you be better off with a smaller higher output panel? Navitron offer a 110w panel for 400 and its about 150cm x 70cm - a fraction of the size of 100 of those things, AND its fully weather encapsulated...

At 6+ per Watt - no way. You'll need dozens of the sods to get anything worthwhile and where is the stated life/performance etc?

Aim for 4 per Watt peak for quality units.

Personally I wouldn't even consider PV panels unless I was completely off-grid. The embodied energy and the cost per watt just doesn't add up. I would contemplate one for trickle-charging the electric fence battery - but even then it would have to come in considerably less than the 90 such a unit currently costs.
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