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oldish chris

This Year's culinary success

Got something right! Managed to impress some guests. The dish is barely clever enough to be called a "recipe". We just had some of it to finish off our Christmas Dinner. I have called the dish "Jelly and Ice-cream".

- The ice-cream is fairly easy, you go to a super-market and get the best quality ice-cream that is currently on offer.

- The jelly, for this you require a glut of raspberries. They are boiled to a pulp (something like a bit over a kilo of them) and then sieved. The amount of enthusiasm put into the sieving depends on the size of the glut (not to mention the inherent meanness of the cook). The aim is get about 1 pint of juice. I froze a couple of pints. The juice is then brought to boiling point, sugar added "to taste", taken off the stove and gelatine added.

The most wonderful part of the dish is the way grown-ups are really polite when you tell them that "afters" is jelly and ice-cream, then watch their faces when they get an explosion of flavour when the jellied raspberry juice hits their taste buds.
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