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Thought this verroa related news story might be of interest

Cornish back honeybee possibly better at dealing verroa mites.
Mistress Rose

Hope it is right. In the early days of varroa, various things were tried like covering the bees with icing sugar. They groomed each other and removed the mites at the same time. Some strains may do this naturally, or have more of a resistance to the diseases carried by the mites.

very brief.

Also, pinning hopes on one type of bee is foolhardy, especially when Cornish beekeepers have just gone through a terrible winter and most have lost between a third and 50% of their bee stocks.

There has been a lot of work done in Cornwall on self grooming bees. This is also a step forward, but Id prefer to see lots of beekeepers and scientists taking the initiative on many fronts, than just relying on one thing to get them through.

I have one colony of black bees - they are calm and work hard, but are already superceding, which may mean ill be back to square one again.

Selection will always be the best way to deal with any pest or disease.
Having enough bees to risk losing a high proportion initially is the problem most beekeepers face.
The West Cornwall beekeepers aren't alone in going down this route.
Ron Hoskins & his pals are working along the same lines.

Interesting link, thanks.
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