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Timber merchants near Taunton?

Or sawmills?
Or builders merchants?

I'm looking for:
8' x 4', 4mm ply (6 sheets of)
2" x 2" (about 30m of)
3" x 1" (about 70m of)
4-6" roof boards (or shiplap or something similar & cheap) about 35m of.

And all as cheap as possible as close to Taunton/Bridgewater as possible.

Anyone local got any clues/preferences for supplier?

The Wood Pile‎
Old Pawlett Rd,
West Huntspill,
TA9 3RH‎
01278 788 978‎

Might be a bit further than you were planning on, but give them a ring, they should be useful.

Could Yandles help?

Thanks chaps.

Wood pile seem like nice folks. Cheapest quote I've got too.

Thats tomorrow sawing and screwing then!


aww if you'd picked Yandles you could have popped in for tea Very Happy
Di Howes


Hi Yummersetter where are you? If you are near Yandles you can't be too far from me! I'm at West Coker.


Another downsizer in Somerset!
Numbers are creeping up.

Blimus, we've nearly got enough for a coven Very Happy

Just a mile or so from Yandles, my OH used to exhibit his photography in the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen gallery there. They've moved but there's still a gallery at Yandles, and a large shop.

Just for others, it's probably not the best bet for plywood and the like, but they are an amazing resource for woodturners and carpenters, full of blocks of rare woods and every tool you could think of. And planks of roughcut real timbers.

When I was growing up their main business was making elm coffins - our old workshop was clad with the offcuts from elm coffin boards and every country road was lined with huge elm trees. Now the elms still exist in the form of hedges and every now and again one has a stab at growing into a tree again for a few years before the beetles strike.

Used to be a regular at Yandles before moving back down to Cornwall. Even the missus liked going there as it has a fair bit of other crafty stuff as well. Always dismayed me looking at the huge piles of timber out the back just rotting away. Must be a good few tons of the stuff just lying there doing nowt.


And there was me thinking they were 'seasoning' Smile

Last time I looked they were still there.
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