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We have/had a WBC hive on the estate down the road.
On the edge of woodland beside a Leptospermum (Manuka) plantation.
Big tree blew down in the night & flattened the hive.
All the boxes & lifts are tinder but suprisingly all bar one frame was OK.
just transferred the frames to another hive & have fingers crossed the queen wasn't lost or balled.

Oh no I hope it survives. I've been keeping a careful/wary eye on the trees in the hedge running alongside the apiary, fearing the same outcome.
Mistress Rose

Hope you managed to save the queen. Sadly, with the high winds, this is always a potential problem, and bees do prefer the protection of a hedge or trees.

We didn't make any effort to look for the queen, other than looking through the dead bees left in the debris to see if she was there, which she wasn't.
In circumstances like this the less disturbance the bees recieve the better [they have already had a big shock].
Just lifted each frame gently &transferred it to another box without smoke &covered them up ASAP.

Best hive we have going at the mo.
Queen has filled one brood box & well away on the second.
Advocating shock treatment to all bee keepers.

Did you put up a little notice saying "If you don't knuckle down and get on with it we're doing that again."?

Do bees have knuckles?
Ty Gwyn

Do bees have knuckles?

Of course they do,
How do you think you get Bee Wack`s
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