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Time on my hands.

Since my scare, I've been having to take things quite a bit slower than usual and the inactivity has meant that time has been dragging a little bit, so last night I set my Skinner moth trap in the garden.
Two nights ago, there were some very strange noises coming from the orchard, so I also going set my trail camera in the hope of getting some images of whatever's been visiting us.

First of all, I give you a not very good photo of the extremely rare ten eyed fox? scratch I'll be moving the camera this evening, in attempt to get something a little better. thumbup


The moth pictures are also in. thumbup

This one got away and landed up on the ceiling.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, the exercise passed a little time for me and gave me something to do.

I managed to ident only two of those moths, not being a night creature we rarely cross paths.
It's something I should study more.
I worked with a guy who is a world authority on micro moths.
The really little ones you need a hand lens to identify.
Fascinating chap always worked the night shift so he could check the street lamps around the car park during his breaks.
Terrible stammer but could reel off complex latin like a greek in a toga.

Very Happy

Buff-tip - looks like a broken twig
Buff Ermine ?
Cockchafer (MAY BUG !)
Elephant Hawk
Not sure of the size of the last one - could be a Magpie Moth.
The skinner trap is teh one with the long slot isn't it ?

Some nice bits there - what light were you using ?

Amazing pictures, thank you.

I suspect the beetle is a Summer Chafer, or one of the other Chafers, rather than a Cockchafer. As Falstaff suggest, it's a bit late for May Bugs. Can't see enough details in the picture to be certain, though.

Mistress Rose

Good pictures, and like the 10 eyed fox. Very Happy I am hopeless on moths, but we saw the first of the seasons silver washed fritillaries in the woods on Saturday. Bodger, if you can take gentle walking exercise, you could go for nature walks as Buzzy does as well as the moth traps. It would pass the time and exercise the mind as well as the gentle exercise for the body.

Good use of time. Tell me about the wildlife camera - we are also thinking of setting one up.

nice snaps.

i recon you will need to apply for a full auto fac to pop the ten eyed fox between the eyes although a claymore attached to the camera detector might work:lol:

gentle pottering seems sensible until you are fully recovered

On second thoughts, since the beetle's pronotum is dark and doesn't look very hairy, it probably is just a late Cockchafer.

Any idea of the size of the creature?

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