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today's roadkill...

Been at my parent's for the weekend, coming back we were keeping a sharp eye out for lightly bumped pheasants, it being one of those areas where speed crazed stockbrokers regularly mow down a few in the dim light of dawn.

Anyway, we pulled over to inspect a likely looking heap of feathers, but sadly it was a bit too flattened to be worthwhile, when I spotted a small roe deer on the other side of the road. Dunno what hit it, but lets just say it didnt need gutting. However, as we felt there was no doubt from its injuries and positioning that it had died outright and not been displatched by invisible means later, and it had only just begun to go into rigor mortis, and it was close to freezing out, we popped it into a sack and brought it home.

We're now several kilos of venison better off, which was welcome, as the meat content in the freezer was looking a little low. We went for the 'leave whats left of the innards on the inside and take off the larger cuts of meat' method.

Sad the poor little thing met an untimely end, but very glad we spotted it Very Happy
Green Rosie

The same happened to us many years ago. Not sure I've eaten venison since then mind you.

Sounds like a great find! We have loads of roe deer around here, but I've never found a freshly killed one.

I found my first roadkill pheasant the other day. It was fresh and just had a broken beak and neck. I also learnt how to de-breast it and made a very nice dinner of it. It was all very satisfying!

rk has been acceptable to militant vegans in my past experiance and it improved their health

rk ace

the kilo of beer stewed hare meat in tt's freezer will make several meals

saw a small deer on the side of the road yesterday but it was a bit flat and very muddy so i passed on the opportuntity.....
we have eaten duck, pigoen and pheasant that we have seen being hit (and had to finish off in some cases).

Well better it fill your freezer than rot by the roadside. The OH often brings RK home for the hounds, it seems when you're looking out for it you never see it but when you're minds on other things its all over the place! Especially here in tourist season there seems a greater increase Shocked

A very good friend of mine gets called out by the local police to despatch animals hit but not killed outright by traffic, so his freezers over flow is often our benefit Very Happy venison is delightful.

This time last year I was on My way to a Poultry auction and a car in front of Me hit a Roe buck, I assumed they would take it, on My way back it was still there, luckily only head-hit Very nice! I occaisionally pick-up rabbits and squirrels for the ferrets haven't come across anything else that I'd like to eat!

I tend to be very cautions with large roadkill like deer, unless I'm sure I know that it was killed by the crash I tend to avoid it, I gather there is always the possibility that an injured deer might be dispatched by injection but the carcass left for later collection. Pheasants and smaller things I tend to always pick up as long as they are in edible condition.
This one gave us no grounds for doubt, and is proving delicious based on the bit we had last night.

I think it would be illegal to inject an animal and leave it, it may poison a fox or magpie (shame LOL!), anyway, it's hard enough finding a vein in a pet animal yet alone a frightened wild one!
Whenever we were called out for an RTA deer we shot it (and the vet took it back for his freezer!)
I would be more worried that because it hadn't been paunched staright away the meat would be tainted....

turn it inside out ,give it a good wash ,job done

boil it for a while is good if in dought as to freshness or mincing

a bit mashed is no reason to miss dinner

bled out is over rated and more about keeping than taste

a lot of road kill is bled out anyway (often internally but wash out the clots )

rk is good food but beware bone chips

kirstyfern wrote:
I think it would be illegal to inject an animal and leave it, it may poison a fox or magpie (shame LOL!),
Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

not magpies i have a semi tame one who lives here and brings all its offspring (??) we had 8 here last season they're lovely misunderstood wee chaps
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