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Todays Haul

79 american signal crayfish

all now boiled shelled and in the freezer Very Happy

Wow nice haul. How do you catch them?

we have an approved cray fish trap that we get from the angling shop, its one that will not trap otters, we use what ever bones we have left from dinner for bait, we usually keep a big bag of bones and chicken carcass in the freezer for the trap.
Its set agin so we will be checking it tonight Very Happy


Are they good eating? How do they taste compared to crab, lobster, langoustines etc?

I've been looking at the rivers round here wondering if they are over run with signals.

they is real good eating, Very Happy tastes like lobster

tie a few chicken bones or a bit of bacon onto a bit of string and try it in the rivers near the bank, if they are there they will start coming out its difficult to land them like that although my GS managed to get a good 40 last week end with bacon on a string and a fishing net to scoop them up, approch with a net at the back of them as they flick themselfs backwards, and pick them up by there body avoid the pinchers if they get hold they wont let go Shocked

we drop them in boiling water for 5 mins then shell the body and claws like you would a lobster, we purge them for a few hours in clean water.

There's loads of rules around trapping crayfish, be they native or non-native invaders.

Natives are protected. You can't take them.

You need permission from the Environmental Agency, even if you are going after the Amercian ones.

You can trap non-native crayfish, but only if you have written authorisation from us and you attach the identity tags that we send you to your trap(s).

Rules are here.

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