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Tom Robinson Power in the Darkness Tour

Off to see him tonight at The Plough. He came for an acoustic evening a couple of years ago but this is a full band and the 40th Anniversary tour.

Unlike the first time I saw him SLF aren't supporting.

Rest of the dates here.

nick talked me into a slf gig, ace if a bit messy fat, bald, old, punks pogo far too well for polite society Laughing Laughing Laughing

by now it might take quite a lot of drugs, volterol springs to mind Rolling Eyes

It was bloody ace. He's got the bloke out of faithless on drums and tip-top guitaring and keyboarding people.

Steve Knightley rocked up and joined him for the encore.

Sean, when you say "The Plough" I think it sounds like it's down at your local. I take it that isn't the case?

DPack. Laughing Laughing

It's here. I work there some of the time but I was puntering last night.

Nice. I Googled Great Torrington and I thought it looked familiar. We holidayed there a few years ago. Lovely place.

We stayed here.
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