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Tomato recommendation

I probably shouldn't write this until about November, but here goes...

Cherry tomato "Primabella" from Victoriana is doing a good job for me, outdoors in Yorkshire, south facing, and more-or-less benignly neglected. No sign of the b-word, tomatoes ripening, and I've let it go on a bit just to see how many fruit it can set. From two plants, I've lost a good 3 square metres of border Laughing Fortunately it's bed-mates are an established rose and some equally thuggish/persistent things.

Tastes good too - perhaps not the most exquisite one could imagine, but better than bog standard supermarket. As far as I can tell it's not F1 so I can attempt to save seed too.

outdoors yorkshire with sun. burpee's bigboy Wink

Second to Sungold - is Black Cherry - grown for the first time, in the greenhouse. Lovely flavour. Never grown it before but will definitely grow it again next year.

with a cloche for early planting out i have had good results in hudds with sweet million intercropped with outdoor chillis.
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