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tooth care part two

ki is at the vets for an extraction of a upper molar,one advantage of regular cleaning is that she has kept all her teeth til nearly 7 yrs old which is good for long dogs and another is that if one regularly attends to cleaning etc any problems can be noticed,monitored and treated if needs be before they cause any life threatening complications.

at the mo im twitching and worrying as this is her first g a and her first time not walking out of the vets with nowt worse than a stabbed scruff.i did warn them that she is part "alien" and would give no warning should she decide to object .im not sure if im more worried about her or about what she might do to them Rolling Eyes

oh well i will know in a few hours.

hope all goes well..
A drawing of her was the origin of my first "dog" card

she has woken up and should be ready to come home in about half an hour.

she has got several modelling contracts ,sd has printed her,a woman from leeds has done pottery ,i have some photo based images and she gets a lot of snaps taken by folk she meets .

if she sees a camera i usually dont even need to say "vogue" for her to start working the lens Laughing

home again less two back teeth,she wasnt as much pleased to see me as pleased to be leaving the vets.i suspect i need to do plenty of apologies via shredded chicken/pork,ice cream etc over the next few days.
although the teeth thing is good she will be very cross when she notices her beautiful claws have been trimmed to look like a mutt,my fault i never thought to mention to leave them in fully manicured and sharpened style,she works very hard to keep the paws of a killer in good order.

she behaved well and recovered fast from the anaesthetic which is always a bit of a worry with long dogs so paws crossed she should be fine in a few days.

here is one of her advertising the york greyhound and lurcher walks

Aww she's lovely!
Glad it all went amoothly. And tell her claws will grow back Very Happy

she didnt sleep very well(says the bloke who didnít sleep very well either).im hoping a few days on shredded food and plenty of rest should get her over the worst of it.

She is looking lovely. Hope she is still recovering well. I can't believe you have had her for nearly 7 years. Where has that time gone?

she thanks you all for the kind words and feels a lot better today ,she is over the anaesthetic cocktail and her tum seems to have settled and although still a bit off her food actually seems happier than she has for a the mo she is trying dried food for the first time in a while and seems to quite like it.

the fury at having her nails trimmed will probably never pass even when they grow back.
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