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Top bar hive. How thick planks?

Sorry for asking such an easily googled question, but it's not so easy to google from down the woods and it only just occurred to me to maybe cut some boards to build bee hives...

Can you open this? It has a cutting list. It won't cut and paste otherwise I would.

Thank you, looks good.

Thicker planks will insulate it more.

As long as its structurally sound I doubt it matters too much.

Say 10-30mm ish. Thicker planks could be assembled with no framing, thinner ones with framing.

The bee space inside is critical and I'm glad I made the theoretically double size version. It gives me space to work in and to put in things like feeders. I'm planning on insulating around the hive with sheep's wool when it gets colder.

Really thick walled hives will take longer to warm in the spring.
The bees are perfectly capable of maintaining the internal temps at optimum all year as long as they have enough food.
So bees in a thinner walled hive will consume more winter stores but catch the early nectar & pollen.
Keeping them dry is more important IMHO.

I was wondering about using treated wood for the legs. Is this likely to be a bad idea?
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