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Toy box.

Older daughter has a toybox on her Christmas list. Seems like a good idea, and obviously not too hard to design, but if I start with a plan then I won't have to spend ages trying to decide on one.
So do we have one in stock, or any recommendations?

Argh, too much choice! (but thanks) Smile

I had a toy box as a kid - it is huge, must be 3' wide, hinged lid and on casters. I expect everything was thrown in it when I was a kid, and then it all got pulled out when I was playing.

Anways, my kids had it and it is now the dressing-up box, full of old cloths and rubbish masks and wigs acquired for some event or other.

My suggestion would therefore be for something plain / timeless rather than themed. We probably ought to repaint ours from pink to something else now our girls are growing up ... or wait to see what gender the grandchildren turn out to be ...

P.S. Can't remember catching my fingers when dropping the lid, but I expect it happened, some gas-struts or similar might be kinder.

Soft close is a good point. I used a pair of these on the toy box I made for my lad.
oldish chris

Google "Steamer Trunk". A toy box, but with personality and history.
Mistress Rose

My father made me a really nice cupboard when I was a child. Bottom had two opening doors for toys, the top sliding doors for books. I had to get rid of it when he died as I didn't have room for it, so it went to the museum service to go with his lounge suite, and accessories as an example of a 1950s lounge.

I had an old 1600's oak chest for my toy box, guess my mum figured it had been around for a long time and would stand up to the detructive rigors of a 3-10yo, I still have it 60 years on, but now toyless. Size about 3ftx3ftx5ft long and 6" off the ground Original hinges have 'gone' and my mum had it cut down by a panel to fit an alcove so value no good! But a really good size 'cos' when that got filled, I had to make the descision to get rid of something to put the next items in, or mother chose!

B&Q used to do plain wooden boxes very reasonably, which leant themselves to decoration.
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