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Trailer training, test DS discount, short notice avaliabilty

I have 3 training & test slots become available at short notice.

Training & tests would all take place between 14th & 22nd of September 2015.

You can contact me on 07816642895 or via

The DVSA charge 115 for the test.
You also need a 3 hour booking for test day if not included in your training days.

The training needed depends on you.

We offer training as follows:-

3 hours 120
1 day 220
2 days 420
3 days 620

We also offer an optional one hour assessment of your driving so that we can advise you better just how much training you will need. This costs 40.

If you have towed previously, can reverse any trailer anywhere & have a good standard of driving (IE could pass your driving test today with no training & less than 5 minor errors) then one day can be enough.

Limited towing or your driving is a bit rusty then two days would be better.

Never towed or not able to reverse & have bad driving habits then 3 days is for you.

The 3 hours for test can either come out of the 1 2 or 3 days lessons or be added as an extra. This will depend on if you need all the training time & also the time of day of the test.

All members of DS can get a 10% discount of any of our courses & there is an additional 10% discount on the 3 packages above. Discounts do not apply to the DVSA test fees.

Accommodation can be arranged if needed.

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