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Travel rods.

Looking for a sea fishing rod, Any recommendations ?

Bought a very cheap and cheerful one from my local tackle shop for 9.99. Very Happy

carbon fibre telecope beachcaster and a good multiplier reel is my kit
strong ,sensitive and a decent flick if needed
cheap ones are ok till they break or dont work for what is needed

i have stopped carrying lots of stuff but what i have is the strong bits that survive the places i take them
for super light a fly rod ,reel ,line and hooky baity things is light and works very well for landing fish with a worm or other bait as with a bit of fluff

i might take the 4 part fly rod and bits next time i go off ,oh and i will go where there are some fish
40 years has not cleaned the estuary from cardiff to barri there are no more fish now than then
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