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I am basedd in stoke with easy access to many places - am I am looking for some free waters to fish.

Does anyone know the rules on fishing whenever and wherever on rivers?


Hi alex,
the "whenevers" depend on the type of fishing you intend to do. For coarse fishing, the official fishing season is printed on the rod license ( and mine's in the garage..) but the dates are approximately from June 17th (I think!) to March 31st. In between there is a closed season for rivers (but not commercial waters, still waters or canals)
I don't know the details for game fishing.

You will also need separate licenses to fish for game fish (salmon and seatrout) rather than coarse (including non-migratory trout).

Unfortunately the "where ever" is more complicated. Rivers and indeed specific stetches of rivers are often owned and governed by different people or bodies, from the water authority to private owners or clubs. The best way of finding out is to ask at your local tackle shop. The "free" stretches are those that will only be governed by the water authority as a rule. Similarly, different authorities may have different rules for taking fish from the water, so check on the internet for specific stretches if you don't know anyone in the area who fishes for the pot. I would advise caution if you intend take fish from the river when talking to other anglers as this is something of a sore point at the minute with sport fishermen. Most would probabky be ok but it's worth being discreet.
Unfortunately I know nothing about the rivers in your area so can't be any more help I'm afraid, but below is a link to the environment agency web site which might help
Good luck! Smile
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