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Trout - recipe suggestions?

Youngest son has just dropped off three fat and shiny trout. Normally I grill 'em and I'm happy to do that tonight but I wondered if anyone has any particularly nice ideas??? Very Happy

I like them baked in foil with a bit of dill or fennel and lemon. Maybe a splash of pernod in the parcel if you've got any.

Another good way is to fry them and then make a paste from Mayonnaise, mustard, grated cheese and spring onions spread it onto the top fot he fish and then pop under the grill until the top browns slightly. Tastes gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Smoke em.

I'd forgotten about the pernod thing Sean, thanks for reminding me, baked it is then! Very Happy
fish (the other one)

make up a seasoned flour with plenty of smoked paprika,dust the fillets then shallowfry.
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