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trump pulls out of paris

not a classical reference but from the too little too lateagreement

as caroline lucas said yesterday the money is in renewables for power ( and for transport is almost there as well ) cos they are now cheaper than coal or fracked/imported gas/ oil
even the exxon shareholders are demanding answers as to how much climate change/ renewable competition will cost them so although trump is vile on this and other matters in the long run he cant really do too much extra harm. or can he ?
Mistress Rose

He will give the climate change deniers a focus and leader. There are enough industrial interests, particularly in the US and Australia who want to keep fossil fuels going to give them an excuse to go the fossil fuel route.

Let's hope his tenure of the White House is very short and his successor signs the Paris Agreement.

Interestingly​, several US states have declared that they will commit to all the stuff in the Paris agreement, with or without Federal support.
Politics is so bizarre.

elon musk has withdrawn from assisting the trump administration regarding energy, transport and business matters,

it always seemed like supping with the devil but perhaps he was trying to hold his nose against the stench of sulphur so as he could try to make them see the good business sense of the renewable energy and clean transport route to the future

musk might be less than fluffy but he has reached the conclusion that green and less than fluffy is good business sense and if that is what it takes to give a low carbon economy so be it.

i wonder how buffet will react to trump's endorsement of fossil energy Laughing

ps both musk and buffet have real money unlike trump Twisted Evil
Mistress Rose

The US being a Federation of States with some different laws in the individual States makes it rather interesting politically. From information I have seen, it seems that over half the people in every state are for the Paris Agreement, so Trump could be leading a party of one.

The thing is, the Paris agreement is non-binding. Trump hasn't really done anything other than give the middle finger to the world. Really this was probably just a Putin maneuver to stir up more discord within NATO.

Likely the maneuver was just to stir up his base, further the narrative that he's being attacked by liberals, and distract from the Russia scandal that will take him down once the Republicans in congress feel that the political calculus is such that their progress with legislative gains in deregulating and destroying everything in the federal government is outweighed by just how badly they'll lose power in the mid-term elections.

Honestly, the states pledging to meet the goals on their own (working with each other) will likely accomplish more to reduce CO2 emissions than if Trump had kept his mouth shut and ignored the "plan" that was agreed to, but would face no enforcement.
I think we're up to 9 states in the climate alliance, with another 11 likely/potential members.

It's worth noting that California alone has the 4th or 5th largest GDP in the world.

Nice piece with the science/economic perspective
Mistress Rose

Slim your link makes Trump remind me even more of the bit in the film Blazing Saddles in the big fight scene near the end where they spill over onto the other film sets and the man playing Hitler is Nazi saluting while there are fights going on all around him. I can just see Trump doing that in spite of the world going on around him and he being in a majority of one.
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