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trying crowdfunding again

Ive decided to try crowdfunding again. Rolling Eyes

Ive learn a lot from the first time and have some problems which some of you might be able to help with....

so - cider is an obvious reward - BUT its heavy and therefore expensive to post Suggestions?

Beekeeping/cider workshops etc - the issue is that as we are way doen at the end of the world in Cornwall there is a delight at the idea but not the reality - not everyone wants to come all this way so few bids on the rewards. Suggestions?

Im going to offer tree sponsorship again - folk without gardens etc like this idea....

Any other ideas or suggestions for rewards?

Am I missing really obvious things?

Is there a small gift in the black-smithing line you can offer? coat hook, weather vane, fire pokers, candlestick holder? I know it takes time and metal but it could be for the higher value donations especially as it is hand made and although still heavy it would be smaller and less breakable.

I wouldn't worry too much about the weight of the cider, you can work that into the reward, people love something tangible.

Also, if you don't need all the money and can do something with part of it, go to somewhere like indiegogo instead of Crowdfunder, indiegogo allows you to take the money even if you don't reach your target and as long as those people who have contributed get their rewards that's fine.

Make sure you have a high quality video to launch your campaign in the beginning and that you have more to go up to maintain momentum. If people can see what it is they are buying into they are more likely to contribute.

Have a good range of cheap rewards, not just t-shirts something like a printed canvas bag with the spotty dog logo on it for shopping, something like this

What about a nicely printed guide to making your own cider?

What about a nicely printed guide to making your own cider?

That with a grafted fruit sapling from your own 'specail cultivars/heritage varieties'.

loads of things to think about here.

Otleylad, thats why I garfted so many trees last month! Thought of doing them as rewards... Smile
Joanne - I really will have to employ you! You are so clever...

a combo of the shopping bag and some cider would be a very nice return on a pledge giving a short and long term benefit to them and a long term one to your brand.

it is worth looking into the prices charged by different couriers and research their reputation cos price and quality dont always follow the same curve.
stumbling goat

Just a thought, can you freeze-dehydrate Cider?

With regard to the workshops, do you offer accommodation in with the courses? Was thinking of you got people to ravel to you for the courses and then they had 2 or 3 days to explore the area afterwards? Might that be an idea worth considering if you have not already thought of it?


calvados is a low mass option but a different game

Lots of couriers wont touch alcohol or glass, those who do are expensive - I looked at this at Christmas time.
Yes, I like the idea of sustainable bags and bottle inside.

Re accomodation - this is difficult as personally I can really accomodate them here, and I cant guarantee to accomodate them locally at a set place/price. I can offer to help them find accomodation, but then this wouldnt be a thing for them to pledge to.


I do like the idea of blacksmith made things as gifts. John can make small items which can be posted cheaper than cider.

My SIL also has sent me a link to a crowdfunding thing in Scotland - its a bigger population and more spend (based on a community supported agriculture theme), but there are some ideas I can incorporate.

The useful thing about the whole process last time was seeing where people were from - so a lot of Cornish, and a lot of tourists.

Research continues....

Can kieran knock up some bottle stops out of apple wood on the lathe, must be someway to attatch corks or plastic bungs to sme nice turned bits of apple that can be usedcfor cider or wine bottles.

College, clothes and women have reared their heads in the head of Kieran......

He hasnt woodturned for around 6 months now.... Laughing

Ill ask, but..... Smile
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